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Grindwheel Games


Writing | Art | Audio | Quality Assurance


Game Scripting and Story

Anthony S. Wilson

I have been an avid gamer since I found the Newcastle Games Workshop store when I was six years old. Since then I also discovered my talent for coding and video game design. I spent over a decade releasing quests and other content in a large MMORPG, and several more working on AAA titles in a design capacity. Combining my years of development experience and love of gaming, I hope to keep releasing dark fantasy tales for people to enjoy year after year.


UI Art and Layout

Carlos Kobayen

Page and Cover Art

Muthur Brine


Narration and Voice Acting

Anthony 'The Storyteller' Wilson

Tony Wilson is a musician, songwriter and storyteller with a lifetime's experience of performance throughout the world. Born in the Northeast, he continues to tour as a musician and a singer concentrating on acoustic music.

Tony has narrated all of the Grindwheel Games titles featuring voice acting, performing every character not voiced by another actor.

Visit Tony's website here.


Treecle plays Lady Bella Flyte in Wight Chapel Dreams and Return to Wight Chapel.

Pay a visit to Tree's Twitch here.

You can also find her Youtube channel here.

Farmer Langdon

Farmer Langdon plays two roles in Return to Wight Chapel: Doomed Constable and Confused Guard.

You can find his Twitch here and Youtube channel here.

Quinton Chapman

Quinton Chapman voices the orphaned urchin Lott in Return to Wight Chapel.


Tonicboom plays Lylith Farrier in Return to Wight Chapel.

You can find her Twitch here and Twitter here.

Music and Audio Direction

Float Overblow

Main and ambient themes - Pale Harbour.

Visit Float's bandcamp page here.

Cryo Chamber

Cryo Chamber is a record label with a collaborative focus run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on high fidelity dark ambient with a cinematic edge.

You can visit the website here.

The following members of Cryo Chamber have worked on Grindwheel Games products:

Atrium Carceri

Main themes - Vile Philosophy, Red Ripper, Tattered Sails, Wight Chapel Dreams.

Main and ambient themes - Blissful Ignorance.

Randal Collier-Ford

Ambient theme - Vile Philosophy.

Dead Melodies

Main and ambient themes - Return to Wight Chapel.

Ambient themes - Red Ripper, Tattered Sails, Wight Chapel Dreams.

Quality Assurance



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Editor - Pale Harbour, Vile Philosophy, Blissful Ignorance, Red Ripper.

Contact XpertEditor directly here.

QA and Testing

Stephanie 'Rose' Ely

Thore Thomasen


Juan Gomez

"My work and my hobby are the same thing... how many people can say that? :D Developing is my passion, it allows me to be creative and it is a never ending source of challenges. That makes me feel that making programs is like a game, and games are what I love." - Juan Gomez.

Visit Juan's LinkedIn page here.

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