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Pale Harbour | Vile Philosophy | Blissful Ignorance | Red Ripper | Tattered Sails | The Harrow Run

Pale Harbour

A coastal town is overrun by horrors, and only YOU can save it! Approached by the poor villagers of Pale Harbour and informed that a terrible evil has arisen from the sea, can YOU unravel the mystery and drive back the beasts?

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Available now on Steam and Google Play stores.

Vile Philosophy

Five hunters have tracked the beast and failed. Now it's YOUR turn! A terrible creature is plaguing the city of Harrow's Gate. The last five hunters to search for it have all gone missing. You must find them and lay the monster low!

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Available now on Steam and Google Play stores.

Blissful Ignorance

A desperate cry for help...can YOU solve the mystery? A report has arrived indicating that a monastery to the goddess of wisdom has fallen silent. You must brave the mountain to find answers, and hopefully return from the unforgiving peaks alive.

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Available now on Steam and Google Play stores.

Red Ripper

A diplomatic mission...with a lethal twist! You have been selected to accompany an ambassador to the city of Roche Divine in the Sunlight Alliance. While he pursues trade deals in the high court, your job is to hunt down a Broadsheet Killer who is wreaking havoc in the Low City.

Tattered Sails

Coming soon...An archaeological expedition to a deserted village finds something obscene and terrible buried in the earth. As you have been hired on to protect the workers form such terrors, only you stand between civilisation and the return of a powerful, evil force.

The Harrow Run

After capturing the Harrow estate, the Vile Philosophers made great sport with the prisoners. Many were forced to run through the twisted terror of the hedge maze, after having taken a dose of poison to give them incentive to run all the faster. Can YOU navigate the ever-changing paths and find your way out alive? And if you do succeed, can you resist the seductive lure of the Vile Philosophy?

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